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Music Camp

For the 4th consecutive year, LAB Music Education invites you to the magical place of 'The Ranch' in Sofiko Corinthia, for a 4 day full of ... music of course! A large group of top musicians will be there for you and they will be able to teach evrything on the music on their scheduled seminars about your favorite instrument. Every night, the saloon will be available for endless night jams!

On this special Summer Camp:
 You can participate on tens of hours of interactive seminatrs organised by the team of the teachers of the LAB music Θα παρακολουθήσεις δεκάδες ώρες διαδραστικών σεμιναρίων από την εξαιρετική ομάδα καθηγητών του LAB, gaining valuable knowledge on your favorite instrumentαποκτώντας πολύτιμες γνώσεις πάνω στο αγαπημένο σου όργανο (drums, guitar, keys, bass and vocals).
You will meet dozens of musicians from all over Greece and share your music with them through endless jams in specially equipped rooms
You will enjoy the nature of the Ranch, participating in its special activities that are offered for you for 4 days without any charge
But most of all you will enjoy your stay, by celebrating the end of summer!

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30/08 - 02/09

Full buffet menu