Organization and Security


The camp of “ The Ranch " is surrounded by experienced partners who are distinguished by their love for children, high professional awareness, knowledge and ethics, dynamism and creativity, diligence and sociability, thus ensuring pedagogical character.

The selection of the staff for “ The Ranch ” camp, is carried out through demanding procedures, including personal interviews, recommendations from previous jobs, practical tests and continuous training with special seminars depending on the specialty. As a result of all this diligent effort, we are pleased to announce that today we have one of the best & accomplished staff teams.



The children are divided into groups of 15 people, depending on their gender and age (up to one year difference in age). The responsible member of each group is a male group leader for boys or a female group leader for girls and young boys. Group leaders are adults with knowledge and experience in camp life.

In groups of five or six, the groups form a same-age and same-sex community. The communities are supervised by the community leaders. All teams and training staff are supervised by the captain and his staff, who coordinate the program and ensure the smooth running of the teams.

Behind every sports or artistic activity that frames the camp program there is also the Specialized Partner (e.g. lifeguard, choreographer, archer, etc.).

The doctor with the help of our experienced nursing staff  takes care of the health of all campers on a 24-hour basis in our fully equipped clinic.

THE psychologist together with his colleagues are there to offer their help in counselling to children and parents for a smoother adjustment to the camp as well as crisis management throughout the camp period.


All staff faithfully follow the code of conduct , the operating regulation  and the Camp's child protection policy , of which they have received full knowledge while we make sure there is continuous supervision and support.



24-hour clinic and infirmary operation. Corinth Regional Hospital is 24 km away.

Closed fenced areas with 24-hour security.

Complete fire safety system. Approved Camp Fire Protection & Evacuation Plan in case of emergency. 

There is a fully organized secretariat (call center, payphones etc.).



" The Ranch " works within the specifications imposed by ISO :

HACCP System 

 ISO 9001:2015

 ISO 14001:2015

ISO 22000:2018



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