My daily program

8:20  I wake up to music
8:30  Wash up and get dressed… 
9:00  Yummy… Breakfast
9:30  Clean up my stuff and my cabin 
10:15 Inspection time! 
10:30 Got the munchies…snack time!
10:45 Time for action: Swimming pool, activities, sports 
12:45 Boy, do I need a shower
13:30 Tummy’s rumbling – lunchtime
14:00 Fun and games in the dining-room
14:30 Some midday R&R
17:00 Wake up to music and have my afternoon snack.
17:15 Time for more action: Swimming pool, activities, sports and free time
19:45 Wash up and get dressed
20:40 Yummy…Dinnertime! 
21:15 The surprise of the day! Cinema, theater, dance performance, party, music…
23:00 Shhhh…Bedtime! We’ll be back tomorrow….

The Ranch (477).JPG
The Ranch (928).JPG
Γήπεδο ποδοσφαίρου
09.The Ranch (941).JPG
03.The Ranch (458).JPG
Colour Day στην κοιλάδα