This Regulation may be amended for the purpose of harmonizing it with the current legislation and government orders.


1. Right to participate

Children of typical development , aged 6 to 16 years , have the right to participate in our Camp in five (5) 15-day camp periods.

2. Update & Rules of participation

- Required participation documents for all campers, regardless of the organization they participate in:

Medical history .

Pediatrician's medical certificate (relevant vaccinations and participation in sports).

Form of consent, receipt of regulations & accompanying material.


The above required documents will be sent from the Camp to be filled.

- We urge parents/guardians to have, upon their arrival at the Camp, already completed the required documents to be submitted, for which an informational email will be sent to them to avoid overcrowding and overcrowding at the Campers' drop-off point.

- Also the parents/guardians whose child shows some developmental disorder , such as indicatively Asperger's Syndrome , Tourette's Syndrome , Autism Spectrum, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( ADHD) , etc. or from some disease (such as indicatively asthma, diabetes mellitus, anemia, heart disease, spastic bronchitis, g6pd enzyme deficiency, epileptic syndrome, etc. ) that needs medical attention or presents any allergy (food or other), must inform the Camp in writing before the camper arrives there. Upon arrival of the camper, the parents/guardians must, under their own responsibility, inform the camp doctor about this and deliver the relevant medical reports to him.

Pick up - delivery

The collection and delivery of the children from the camp is done by issuing a special form exclusively from guardians themselves with the presentation of their police ID/passport, the details of which they have declared when registering the child at the Camp.


In case of divorce or break-up of married life , the custodial parent/guardian should notify the Camp in writing at least ten days before the child's arrival at the Camp, attaching the relevant court decision to the email: info@ranch.gr . In case of omission of said notification by the parent/guardian exercising parental care, the Camp bears no 2


responsibility. Likewise, the Camp bears no responsibility regarding any violation of the parent/guardian's right to contact due to the child's participation in a camp period.

- If for any reason the child's parents/guardians wish to have the child delivered to or picked up from the Camp by a third party (i.e. other than themselves), it is required to show a legal written authorization from the parents/guardians, which will bear a certificate of authenticity their signature by a competent Authority (via Citizens' Service Centre or gov.gr) and will list the full details of the person authorized to deliver/receive the child.

- We inform you that during the entire stay of the children at the camp, the entry of the parents into the campers' dormitories is strictly prohibited.

- The departure of the children will be done gradually and with planning , exclusively after an electronic or telephone appointment, in order to avoid overcrowding and overcrowding and observing the above necessary safety measures. If for some reason the child's departure takes place on any day other than the scheduled one , the parent/guardian is required to come to the Camp following an electronic or telephone appointment , which will be determined by the Camp secretariat.

- The arrival and departure of the children will be carried out by private means of transport of the guardian parents and you will be informed about any possibility of transport by coach for campers' movements (arrival - departure).

Visitor : pending government guidelines for the 2023 camping seasons

- If, for some emergency, you wish to make a visit , either inside the Camp or outside with an exit permit, the parent/guardian is required to come to the Camp by appointment , which will be determined by the Camp secretariat, and will remain in a special area of the Camp for a short period of time. Visiting parents are not allowed in the dormitories under any circumstances.

- It is not recommended to grant exit permission to campers, only in exceptional cases, if there is a specially justified medical reason or other urgent need, in which case only one of the two parents/guardians will come to the Camp on a scheduled day and time by appointment , which will determined by the Camp secretariat. In these cases, only one parent can attend strictly for each child.

Communication between parents/guardians and campers

- The telephone communication of parents/guardians with campers takes place from 10.30 am. until 12:30 p.m. and from 5.30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. through the Camp's call center at 27410-93800. Alternatively, the communication can be made by sending a Fax to 27410-93685. In addition, parents/guardians can send an electronic message that will be delivered to the child, by completing the electronic communication form that you will find on the Camp site .

- Also, campers can contact their parents/guardians during the same hours, specifically from 10.30 am. until 12:30 p.m. and from 5.30 p.m. until 19.30 pm from the payphones located in the call center area. We recommend avoiding frequent telephone communication for psychological reasons, especially during the first days of the child's stay at the Camp.

Selection of children's group-distribution

- Each child can choose to be in the same group with their friends up to 5 people, as long as this request is communicated in time by their parents/guardians to the Camp and at least ten (10) days before the child's arrival date. A necessary condition is that the children are of the same age (+ - one year), of the same sex, and have the same arrival date. After the arrival at the Camp and the inclusion of the child's camper in his/her group, a change of movement to another group is not recommended and is not always possible. 3


- In any case: The allocation of campers to groups (dormitories) and communities is carried out by the Camp based on its planning and parents/guardians are never given the option of choosing a specific group (room) or community .

Use of electronic devices and cell phones by campers

- It is up to the discretion of each parent/guardian to provide their child with mobile phones or electronic devices, such as tablets , smartphones or electronic games. It is strongly recommended to avoid sharing and/or sharing these items and personal items in general with other campers. informing this to prevent sharing of personal items with other campers.

- The parent/guardian who decides to provide his child with the devices in question assumes full responsibility for the use and for the activity developed through these devices. The use of electronic devices and telephones will be subject to specific rules and timetables for their use. The camp does not have internet ( Wi -Fi) for campers and it is recommended to avoid browsing the internet using mobile data.

- The Camp "The Ranch" does not assume any responsibility for compensation in case of loss or damage or theft of the above mentioned electronic games/devices and mobile phones, nor does it bear any responsibility for the reasonable use of these by children or the supervision of children during the use of the said devices.

List of necessary items

The parents are responsible for providing the child with the necessary items that he must have with him during his stay at the camp, for which we inform you in detail through the website www.ranch.gr

A pillow & 2 pillowcases

2 Sheets

1 Blanket

Hand towels and bath towels

Enough underwear



t -shirt & shorts

1 short pants & 1 jacket or polo shirt

Sports shoes and flip-flops

Bath towel & towel for the pool


Personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shampoo, conditioner , sun cream)

Dirty Laundry Bag

Masks (disposable / one use)

Optional : Telephone Calling card



Loss of objects

- During the camping season, our camp follows a specific process of collecting forgotten items in a specific area, where campers can search for any lost items. After the end of each camping season, forgotten-lost items are stored in a specific area until the end of each calendar year. As long as the Camp confirms that any forgotten items have been located, parents can, after a telephone call, pick them up, after consultation from The RANCH portal in Sofiko Corinthia by appointment or alternatively sent by courier and their own shipping costs.

3 . Diet

- The Camp offers the children a healthy & complete nutritional program that meets all necessary requirements.

- In the dining room, campers are provided with: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Campers eat by group and by community. Lunch and afternoon snacks are provided to campers by group in their community .

- Campers are prohibited, for safety and health reasons, from bringing in their luggage or keeping in their dormitories any type of food. The Camp has ISO 22000:2018 & H.ACCP System certification.

- The Camp cannot serve any special diet required or recommended to any camper, as the nutritional program is inescapably common to all.

- The parents/guardians are responsible for notifying the Camp of any allergies of the campers by filling in the relevant section of the medical history which is signed and delivered to the Camp.

- The Camp has the right to change the nutrition program of the campers posted on the site , whenever it deems it necessary.

4. Medical data

Medical history and necessary certificates

- Parents / guardians must attach to the medical history form to be completed a relevant certificate from a pediatrician: a) for the campers complete and appropriate vaccination and b) of their health participation in the sports activities of the Camp as well as any other certificate required based on the decision of the competent Ministry for the operation of the camps for the year 2023. Children who belong to high-risk groups because of a serious disease and complications or show any underlying disease (such as cardiac, respiratory, etc.) can participate in the Camp, provided that a written consent from their physician is mandatory.

- Parents/guardians are responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the information contained in the child's medical history and declare under their responsibility that the information sheet includes the complete and true medical history of the child, as well as that to date there are no other health or allergy problems presents. Upon the arrival of the child, the parents/guardians are obliged to declare to the camp every element or incident they know, which is objectively essential for the assessment of any risk for the child, as well as to answer every relevant question of the competent officials of the Camp. Incomplete answers-information or the concealment of any element or incident that the parents/guardians know gives the camp the right to remove the child.

- In case of refusal to provide the medical history or withdrawal of the consent to process health data, the Camp reserves the right to refuse the (further) stay of the child/camper for safety reasons of the camp Community and the other campers as well as for reasons of public health. 5


- The parents/guardians consent in advance and consent to the administration by the Camp doctor of the necessary active substances, if this is deemed necessary by him, for the immediate treatment of an emergency incident of danger to the life of the camper, such as allergic shock, epileptic seizure etc.

- Parents/guardians are informed by the camp doctor about any medical event. If the doctor decides that the child should leave the Camp, the parent/guardian is obliged to comply with his decision. In the event of a medical event, the Camp offers only primary care and no hospitalization.

In the following exceptional cases the Camp will take the required actions without the prior consent of the parents:

- For the immediate transfer of the child to a nearby Hospital or health center or an external doctor by initiative of the Camp, if this is deemed necessary by the Camp doctor.

- For the administration by the Camp doctor of an antipyretic/painkiller (main active substance: paracetamol or ibuprofen , if this is deemed necessary to treat any symptoms of the camper's illness, as well as for the administration of a herbal supplements etc, to treat constipation. If verbal recommendation of the parent/guardian regarding the administration of any medication, paramedical preparation or ointment will not be taken into account, unless such recommendation is given in writing and accompanied by a doctor's recommendation.For the use of an antiviral drug on their child if determined by Camp staff the presence of lice or nits on the camper 's scalp .

- For the provision of counseling support by the Camp psychologist to the campers where this is deemed necessary by him for a smoother adjustment to the camp as well as crisis management throughout the camp period.

Delivery of medicines

- Medicines (even paramedical preparations, vitamins, etc. ) are delivered only to the Camp doctor by the parents/guardians and remain there until the child's departure. The parents/guardians under their own sole responsibility undertake to inform the doctor properly and in detail about the reason for taking the medication, its recommended dosage, the name of the doctor who recommended the treatment, the prescription as well as his contact phone number. It is expressly forbidden for campers to bring any medicine or paramedical preparation in their luggage.

- Management of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19

The relevant procedure will be posted on the Camp's website following the publication of the government instructions for the operation of children's camps during the 2023 summer season.

- Personal health data

The personal health data of the campers that the parents/guardians provide to “The Ranch” Camp by completing the relevant medical history form and having expressly and in writing consented to this, are processed, in accordance with the details mentioned below, exclusively for the purpose of the child's smooth stay at the Camp, during the camp period as well as the protection and assurance of the health and safety of all children/campers.

5. Cases in which the Camp is entitled to remove a child from the Camp site

- The Camp "The Ranch", ensuring the smooth conduct of all camp periods and taking the necessary safety measures for all children, reserves the right to request the removal of a child from the Camp after a relevant decision of the competent Committee of the Camp, which consists of: 6


• the Camp Director and Co-Leader, • the Camp Leader,

• the Camp Doctor,

• the Psychologist and

• the Camp Director.

Especially in the following cases:

When the parents/guardians have kept quiet during the registration of the child in the Camp the existence of a serious medical problem/illness of the child.

When it is established that the child develops strongly aggressive behavior towards the other children or consistently refuses to comply with the instructions of the respective Team Leader/Community Leader.

When the child is found to have sexually molested another child.

When it is established that the child is carrying with him sharp objects such as pocket knives, knives and other objects that could cause injury or tobacco products or electronic cigarettes.

When this is deemed necessary by the Camp doctor for reasons of the child's health.

When it is established that the campers or their parents/guardians do not comply with the terms of this Regulation.


6. Child protection

From the moment the children participate in the camp programs of KYRIAKOS SKOURAS S.A. –The RANCH we are responsible for their welfare and safety. In everything we do, the welfare of children always remains our top priority. Aiming to keep children safe and protect them from any kind of harm, as well as to create reassuring conditions for their parents and guardians, KYRIAKOS SKOURAS S.A. –The RANCH follows the standard Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures for children's camps developed by Tdh based on the International Safeguarding Children in Sport (as developed by the International Safeguarding Children in Sport Working Group) and the "KCS Standards " which were developed by “Keeping Children Safe .

The effective implementation of the Child Protection Policy is still the responsibility of all of the following:

‣ The Reference Group responsible for ensuring that safeguarding children is seen as a priority area for senior management and that the ultimate responsibility for promoting a child-safe environment rests with them, consisting of: ‣ the Responsible and Camp Co-Responsible, ‣ the Human Resources Director, ‣ the Camp Leader, ‣ the respective Camp Doctor, ‣ the respective Psychologist or Social Worker and ‣ the Camp Director.

7. Personal data protection policy

- The company "KYRIAKOS SKOURAS S.A." which is based in Piraeus and specifically on Akti Miaouli street number 7-9 and maintains a branch in Sofiko Korinthias collects and processes personal data of campers and their parents/guardians in compliance with the "General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)" for ensuring: (a) the orderly and smooth stay of the campers at the Camp site during their participation in each camp period, (b) the communication of the campers and the company itself with the parents/guardians of the campers, (c) the protection of the physical health of the campers, the public interest and public health.

- The legal basis for the processing of the above personal data is the execution of the contract, the consent of the parents/guardians for the processing of the personal data of

themselves and the campers as well as regarding the health data of the campers and the protection of vital interests of the subjects but also the protection of the public interest.

- When registering campers, the company collects the following personal data: (a) identification details of campers and their parents/guardians and their contact details (name, date of birth, gender, marital status, home address, telephone and email) ) of the Camp throughout the camp period. (e) data regarding preventive measures for protection against Covid-19 (health symptoms, contact with a suspected or confirmed case, classification in a high health risk group, occurrence of underlying diseases, etc.).

- The company will keep the above personal data of the campers and their parents/guardians for a period of up to (10) years from the end of each camping period in which the camper participated.

provider partners, such as the company "APIFON SINGLE MENTERPRIVATE COMPANY " , "PAPADOPOULOS I. IOANNIS" and only for the purpose of providing services to the company "KYRIAKOS SKOURAS S.A." and always under conditions that fully ensure that these personal data do not undergo any illegal processing, i.e. other than the purpose of transmission in accordance with the above. These companies will process the personal data of the campers and their parents/guardians exclusively on behalf of the company "KYRIAKOS SKOURAS S.A." and based on our recorded orders.

- The parent/guardian has the rights to access, correct, delete, oppose and limit the processing of his and the camper's personal data. The parent/guardian also has the right to withdraw the granted consent at any time by sending an email to the email address info@ranch.gr or by calling 210-4100121, as well as the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority.

8. Information regarding the content of these Regulations Parents/guardians are informed of the content and conditions of these Regulations by obtaining a copy of it at the start of the camp season but also at any time they wish by visiting the website www.ranch.gr where this Regulation is posted as an appendix to our Company’s Policy.